Everything you'd expect from a modern Learning Management System, and more

Support and Integrations

Create rich, varied courses with a range of different learning modalities including videos, quizzes, reading and more. Synap supports practically any file format including powerpoint, PDFs and SCORM, and you can embed content from hundreds of popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and SlideShare.

Spaced Learning

Synap uses unique Spaced Learning algorithms to create a personalised learning plan for each user. Courses can be set up to send users a short daily quiz to review their weakest areas.

This approach has been shown to improve long-term retention and understanding of information by up to 100%.

Secure, Scalable & GDPR-compliant

Synap is a cloud-based SaaS platform, hosted on the industry-standard Amazon Web Services architecture.

Used by over 5,000 users every day the system is capable of dynamically scaling itelf up in response to surges in demand.

Synap has completed the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Certification, all data is securely encrypted in transit and at rest.


Our Store module allows training providers to earn money by selling their courses and question banks online. Synap integrates with leading payment processors, PayPal and Stripe, so that you can collect one off and recurring subscription payments securely.

Custom Analytics and Reporting

We run our analytics through Segment, a powerful and incredibly intuitive platform that makes it easy to integrate your LMS with other services.

We can work closely with you to set up custom reports and analytics that are tailored to your organisation's specific requirements.

On Mobile, on the go

Synap's suite of mobile and desktop apps means that people can fight short impactful training sessions wherever they are, on any device.

We have native apps for iOS and Android, as well as for desktops. The online portals are fully responsive and can be used on any device.

Push notifications can be sent out to a workforce for emergency situational training.

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